18 Advantages of PVC Sports Flooring

Plastic flooring, also known as PVC flooring, is one of the widely used floorings. Plastic flooring has been widely used in many fields such as sports venues, home improvement and commercial buildings. The popularity of plastic flooring has a lot to do with its clear advantages. Below we will further understand the advantages of plastic flooring according to the various characteristics of plastic flooring.

Compared with ordinary ground materials, PVC sports flooring has the following eighteen advantages

PVC Sports Flooring

1. Environmental protection and renewable:
PVC flooring is currently the only renewable material among all floor decoration materials. At the same time, it also meets the requirements of sustainable development in the current era.

2. There are many kinds of patterns:
There are many choices of patterns, such as floor stone patterns, carpet patterns, wooden floor patterns, etc., and even customized according to the special needs of users. The lines are clear and beautiful, combined with colorful accessories and decorative strips, can combine various desired decorative design effects.

3. Thermal conductivity and warmth:
The thermal conductivity of PVC floor is also relatively good. The heat dissipation is relatively uniform, the product is stable, and the thermal expansion coefficient is small. PVC flooring is the first choice in the use of floor heating, which is very suitable for home use.

4. Antibacterial performance:
The surface of PVC floor is treated with special anti-bacterial, among which the high-end floor will also add anti-bacterial agent. This layer of antibacterial treatment can kill most bacteria and inhibit bacterial reproduction.

5, super anti-slip:
The wear-resistant layer on the surface of the PVC floor has a non-slip effect. Therefore, the characteristic PVC floor is widely used in public places with high requirements, such as hospitals, schools, railway stations, and so on.

6, waterproof and moisture-proof:
Because the main component of PVC floor is vinyl resin, it has no affinity for water, so it is not afraid of water by nature. As long as the floor is not soaked with water for a long time, it will not be damaged; and it can effectively prevent mildew caused by high humidity .

7. Green environmental protection:
The main raw material of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. Products of this material can be seen everywhere in daily life, such as tableware and medical infusion tube bags. . The PVC flooring has been tested by the national authority and does not contain any radioactive elements.

8. Cut and stitch:
Only a utility knife can be used to cut the floor arbitrarily, and different materials can be arbitrarily combined and spliced ​​to achieve the designer’s various design needs and achieve the best design effect.

PVC Sports Flooring

9, super wear resistance:
There is a special wear-resistant layer on the surface of the PVC floor. The wear-resistant rotation of the more wear-resistant wooden flooring in traditional flooring materials is only 13,000 rpm, and the good laminate flooring is only 20,000 rpm. The super wear-resistant layer of PVC floor fully guarantees its excellent wear resistance in the floor material. At the same time, the thickness of the PVC floor is also related to its service life. Under normal circumstances, the PVC floor can be used for 5 to 10 years. The thickness and quality of the wear layer directly determine the service life.

10. High elasticity and super impact resistance:
The texture of PVC floor is soft, so its elasticity is very good. Even after being strongly impacted by heavy objects, it has very good elastic recovery. The PVC membrane floor has better elasticity and its foot feel is very comfortable. It is also called ” Floor soft gold. ” The characteristics of energy return and vibration absorption of PVC flooring can minimize the damage to the human body caused by the ground during exercise and reduce the impact on the feet, so it is particularly common in sports venues.

11. Ultra light and thin:
The thickness of PVC floor is only 2-5mm, the weight per square meter is only 2-5KG, and the weight is less than 10% of the weight of other ordinary floor materials. In high-rise buildings, it has unparalleled advantages in terms of building load bearing and space saving. At the same time, it also has special advantages in the renovation of old buildings.

12. Sound absorption and noise reduction:
PVC flooring has the sound absorption effect that ordinary flooring materials cannot compare with, up to 20 decibels, so it will be an important market for PVC flooring in places that require quietness such as hospital wards, school libraries, lecture halls, theaters, etc.

13. Fire and flame retardant:
The fire resistance index of PVC floor can reach B1 level, and the fire performance is second only to stone. Compared with ordinary flooring, PVC flooring is flame retardant; and the smoke generated by high-quality flooring when passively ignited will definitely not harm the human body, and will not produce toxic and harmful gases.

14. Quick installation and construction:
If the joint effect is good, but the construction is complicated and difficult. The installation and construction of PVC flooring is very fast. It does not require common cement mortar, and the environment of the ground foundation is good. It only needs to use a special environmentally friendly flooring adhesive. It can be used normally after 24 hours.

15. Small seams and seamless welding:
The special pattern of the sheet floor is paved with strict construction, and its seams are very small, and the seams are almost invisible from a distance. The coil floor uses seamless welding technology to achieve a completely seamless effect, which is unmatched by ordinary floors. Therefore, the overall effect and visual effect of the floor can be optimized to the greatest extent. In environments where the overall effect of the ground is high, such as offices, and in environments where sterilization is required, such as hospital operating rooms, plastic flooring will be First choice.

16. Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion:
According to inspection by inspection agencies, PVC flooring has strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, can withstand the test of harsh environments, and is suitable for use in special places (hospitals, laboratories, research institutes).

17. International popularity:
Due to its above points, PVC flooring is now a widely used new type of floor decoration material in countries around the world. It is very popular in European and American markets and the Asia-Pacific market, and it is also very popular in China.

18. Easy maintenance:
Maintenance of PVC flooring can be said to be very convenient and simple. If dirt and swag appear, you can clean it with a mop. If you want to maintain the long-lasting luster of the floor, you only need to wax it regularly for maintenance, and the maintenance frequency is much lower than other floors.

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