5 Advantages of Sports Flooring

The texture of the sports floor is natural and the feet feel comfortable, but everyone knows little about the other advantages of sports flooring. Today I will explain the five advantages of sports flooring.

PVC Sports Flooring

1. Wood is warm and close to nature

The choice of aesthetics and comfort of sports materials is our tireless pursuit. Wood is warm. It plays a role of human shelter in maintaining human body temperature and resisting harsh environments. Many people believe that wooden floors are afraid of water, and Moisture will arch, which is difficult to take care of, but in fact the wooden floor can absorb moisture, and it will not feel cold and cold in winter. In addition, the sports floor has an affinity, and some people are even willing to run around barefoot.

2.Adjust humidity, warm in winter and cool in summer

The wood characteristics of sports floors are that the climate is dry and the moisture inside the wood is released; when the climate is humid, the wood will absorb the moisture in the air. The wooden floor adjusts the humidity of the air in the stadium to the most comfortable level of the human body by absorbing and releasing moisture. In winter, the temperature of the floor of the sports floor is 8 ° C ~ 10 ° C. People walking on the wooden floor have no cold feeling. In summer, The room temperature of the sports floor is 2 ° C ~ 3 ° C lower than the temperature outside the stadium.

3. Sound insulation and noise reduction

Sports floor can absorb moisture, reduce noise and soothe emotions. For more and more stressed urban people now have a pressure relief effect. Exercising on the sports floor not only feels comfortable on the feet, but also greatly reduces the impact noise on the floor, which fundamentally solves the problem of excessive noise and makes the stadium warmer and more peaceful.

4. Healthy and environmentally friendly, durable

In recent years, many experts have pointed out that among the existing flooring materials, including stone, floor tiles, and wooden flooring, only sports floors have no formaldehyde, no radiation, and are comfortable to the feet, and can adjust temperature and humidity. Advantages, and most types of sports flooring, hard and dense materials, strong resistance to corrosion and moth, normal use, life can be up to ten or twenty years.

Therefore, the use of sports flooring in various sports halls can not only achieve aesthetic needs, but also bring a comfortable sports experience, which is good for athletes and bodybuilders.

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