Can PVC sports flooring be constructed without self-leveling?

Can PVC floor be constructed without self-leveling? I believe this is a question that many people are asking. Today, I will share with you which sites can be constructed without self-leveling.

Can PVC sports flooring be constructed without self-leveling?

Ordinary cement concrete foundation

Ordinary cement concrete foundation can be laid with PVC floor without self-leveling construction, regardless of coil or sheet floor. However, the following requirements need to be met:

1. Can not afford sand, air drum, or crack, good ground strength, firmness;

2. Ground humidity requirement: less than 4.5%;

2mm error within 3 and 2 meters;

4, the ground is free of grease, paints, coatings, glues, chemical solutions and colored pigments.

If the above requirements are not met, then self-leveling must be done.

Solid wood floor surface

It is also possible to lay PVC floor directly on the surface of solid wood floor. Due to the poor stability of solid wood floor, it is recommended to use white glue and wood powder to repair the floor joints and the floor surface. After the PVC floor is laid, the floor surface will have obvious seam marks. .

Note: The surface of wooden floor cannot be self-leveling. If you want to do self-leveling, you must first remove the wooden floor.

Vitrified Brick Foundation

The vitrified brick foundation can also be used to lay PVC floors directly, but after the construction is completed, you can see obvious imprints of the joints of the vitrified floor. If you mind the marks, you can also use atomic ash to repair the gaps, polish and smooth the PVC floor.

Epoxy floor

Epoxy flooring can not be directly self-leveling construction (layering problems will occur if self-leveling construction is to be performed). Before the direct construction of PVC floor, the surface of the floor must be shaved and degreased (refers to the surface with oily surface) Then, the PVC floor is laid.

Steel surface

The surface of the steel plate cannot be self-leveling. It is only necessary to lay the PVC floor directly. Note that:

The welding seams and joints of steel plates must be repaired and polished with atomic ash before laying PVC flooring. For steel treasures with protruding patterns on the surface, the surface of the steel plate must be repaired and leveled with atomic ash before laying. The ordinary putty has poor adhesion and cannot be repaired, otherwise it will delaminate and affect the laying quality.

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