Gospel for Gym PVC Sports Flooring

Not only the facilities in a good gym are good, the coaches are professional, and what kind of flooring is also very important. When exercising, the overall environment of the gym must make people feel comfortable and relaxed, and be happy in the exercise, and unknowingly forget the pain caused by weight loss; the shock absorption effect of the gym floor must be good, so as to avoid knees after exercise Pain, foot pain and other symptoms, then what kind of floor can meet everyone’s requirements?

Gospel for Gym PVC Sports Flooring

PVC sports floor is a kind of sports floor specially developed for sports venues, which is very suitable for paving in the gym.

1. PVC sports flooring is manufactured by adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials during the production process on a sheet-shaped continuous substrate through a coating process or a calendaring, extrusion or extrusion process. It is generally made of laminated structures, which is very elastic and has a strong shock absorption effect, which greatly reduces the chance of injury during sports.

2. Rich color pattern: pvc sports floor has realistic art imitation wood grain, carpet pattern and other artistic patterns. The beautiful lines can play a soothing role, giving people a good visual sense, and unconsciously relax.

3. Safety and environmental protection. PVC sports flooring has the title of formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, green, and recyclable. Shortness of breath during exercise, the floor fills the entire room, so make sure the floor is healthy and non-toxic.

4. pvc sports floor has the characteristics of no warping, no cracking, no fear of water, etc., easy to clean, convenient paving, easy maintenance and so on.

5. Wear-resistant and durable: PVC sports floor has very strong wear-resistance after UV treatment layer. Life span of more than 10 years.

6. Anti-slip: PVC sports floor has super anti-slip performance. The user’s feet are not slippery, and the feet feel very comfortable. The more they encounter water, the more anti-slip.

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