Gym Flooring is Important

What kind of competitiveness should a popular gym have? In addition to price advantage, star advantage, geographical advantage, fitness coach advantage, there is also a very important environmental advantage.

The fitness environment is mainly selected based on the size of the gym, reasonable regional function division and layout, modern decoration, ventilation conditions, maintenance of venue equipment and cleanliness. Professional gyms include aerobic fitness area, resistance resistance training area (anaerobic area), combined equipment training area, fun fitness area, exercise room, yoga room, fitness test room, men’s and women’s dressing room and shower area, member rest area Features.

Gym Flooring is important

So how to create environmental advantages? Care should be taken from the humble floor.

Physical fitness training is strength training, speed training, aerobic, anaerobic endurance training, flexibility and coordination training. It is the most important part of fitness. High bouncing moves, high leg jumps, squats with 10 pounds of dumbbells and then jumping, fast running left and right, sit-ups, flat support and other physical training items. After physical training, they are basically tired and breathless. Already. Although physical training can improve a person’s physical fitness, high-intensity exercise can also cause irreversible damage to the body, especially foot and knee injuries. Therefore, if the ACF material that can absorb more than 90% of the impact force is laid on the gym floor, it can maximize protect the customers’ feet and knees from being damaged after a lot of bouncing exercises, and truly achieve the goal of non-injury and fitness.

In addition, the floor is covered with ACF artificial cartilage bionic energy-absorbing material, which can protect the floor when heavy equipment such as dumbbells fall to the ground.

Now that competition in various industries is becoming more and more fierce, if you want to stand out from many competitors and improve your competitiveness, you can make yourself invincible!

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