PVC Sports Flooring Construction Plan

PVC floor is a new type of decoration material. It has rich patterns, good abrasion resistance and antibacterial. It is a green product. It also has a wide range of applications, and can be widely used in shopping malls, schools, kindergartens, sports venues, and home furnishings. Let’s find out the construction plan of PVC sports floor.

PVC Sports Flooring Construction Plan

First, the detection standard of the foundation floor before the construction of PVC floor

1. Humidity: The moisture content of the foundation floor is less than 3%. Keep the ground dry before construction.

2. Hardness: Use a sharp chisel to quickly cut the ground without any marks or grooves.

3. Flatness: The difference between the heights within 2 meters should be less than 2 mm.

4. Cracks: The width of the ground cracks should not exceed 1.5 mm.

5. Density: The ground should not be too rough, there should be no seepage, and the floor should be clean.

6. Cleaning: Remove oil, wax, paint and other residues on the ground.

7. Temperature: The indoor temperature should not be lower than 13 ℃ during construction.

Construction scheme of PVC sports floor

1. Before construction, the ground should be inspected strictly in accordance with the inspection standards for the foundation floor before the PVC floor construction. If problems are found, they should be rectified in a timely manner. After the floor is qualified, the ground needs to be polished before construction.

2. Locate the elastic line on the clean ground, accurately calculate the loss according to the reasonable material size plan, and reduce the loss as much as possible.

3. Put the material according to the ink line, trim the edges, pay attention to the production batch number of the floor, because different batch numbers may have smaller color differences, it should be reasonably arranged according to the actual situation.

4. Apply the glue evenly from the vertical part of the ink line, and master the thickness and area of ​​the glue according to the nature and temperature of the floor.

5. The first piece of laying should align the right angle of the floor with the vertical position of the center line, and close it, then extend to the direction of the two center lines.

Third, maintenance

1. If there is dust, use a mop. Do not drip the mop, just wet it.

2. Do not damage the floor with sharp objects.

3. If there are black footprints, remove them in time.

The construction of PVC floor has higher requirements on the ground. Therefore, the laying of the PVC floor must be carried out after the floor meets the testing standards, so as to ensure the quality of the PVC floor.

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