PVC Sports Flooring Winter Maintenance Skills

Antifouling-Floors should be cleaned regularly

a. It is best to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner every day, or use a clean 90% dry mop / rag to clean the surface;

b. When it is necessary to use chemical detergents, be sure to choose a neutral detergent (you cannot use strong acid or alkali detergents, let alone use acetone, toluene and other chemicals), wash with water after washing Dry or blot the floor. It is strictly forbidden to use steel wire balls and wire brushes to clean up dirt to prevent damage to the surface of the floor;

c. The field line of the sports field should also be properly maintained to avoid wear or movement of the field line.

PVC Sports Flooring Winter Maintenance Skills
Waterproof-keep the floor dry

a. Accidentally spilling water on the floor (even a little), wipe the floor with a soft rag in time, keep the floor dry at all times, and avoid moisture accumulation, which will cause the floor to warp, crack and mold

b. In the daily cleaning of stains, care should be taken to prevent the wicking of the cloth from the connection or horizontal stripes to cause the phenomenon of floor stickers or the expansion of the connection.

Fire protection-keep away from fire sources during use

During use, do not throw open flames or cigarette butts directly on the floor, and do not use gasoline and other materials to wipe the dust and dirt on the floor surface, so as to avoid static electricity during the friction process and fire.

Prevent damage-avoid scratching the floor

a. In order to further protect the floor and ensure the overall cleanliness of the stadium, it is recommended to place an entrance cleaning pad at the entrance of the stadium;

b. Enter the field, do not wear stiletto shoes, shoes with nails and shoes that are easy to fade, walk or exercise directly on the floor;

c. If you want to move the field supporting equipment such as net posts and referee chairs, it is recommended to use the lifting method to avoid dragging to avoid scratching the floor.

PVC Sports Flooring Winter Maintenance Skills
Other considerations

a. Various dirt and particles on the ground should be removed in time.

b. The sewage should be drained in time during the cleaning process. Long-term soaking may cause the floor to be affected by moisture and deformation, which will seriously affect the service life of the floor;

c. It is not advisable to cover the surface of PVC floor with air-proof material for a long time to maintain indoor ventilation;

d. The sprayed sign or field line will be worn during use and can be updated if necessary.

Warm tip: the effect of temperature on the construction of excipients

1.Interfacial agent

The essence of the interfacial agent is an emulsion. Under the environment of 5-8 ° C, the interfacial agent cannot form a film. After being brushed on the ground floor, it will become a layer of powder. Can not play the role of penetration and back cover, resulting in self-leveling and grassroots ground can not be firmly connected, hollow drum cracking occurred later.

2. Self-leveling

If the temperature is too low, the self-leveling drying time is too long or even frozen, and it can not be completely hydrated and dried in time. In the later stage, it is dry, and the surface has no strength. In a warming environment, pay attention to the relative humidity of the indoor air. Too dry will directly affect the self-leveling cement’s water volatilization, which can not complete the hydration process and cause the self-leveling to lose its strength.

3. Special glue for floor

The best construction temperature of the glue should be above 15 ° C (the best is above 18 ° C). If the indoor temperature is below 10 ° C, the adhesive strength of the glue will be greatly affected, resulting in weak bonding between the floor and the ground, which will appear later Problems such as degumming and warping. Strictly control the glue drying time during construction.

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