Gospel for Gym PVC Sports Flooring

Not only the facilities in a good gym are good, the coaches are professional, and what kind of flooring is also very important. When exercising, the overall environment of the gym must make people feel comfortable and relaxed, and be happy in the exercise, and unknowingly forget the pain caused by weight loss; the shock absorption effect of the gym floor must be good, so as to avoid knees after exercise Pain, foot pain and other symptoms, then what kind of floor can meet everyone’s requirements?

Gym Flooring is Important

What kind of competitiveness should a popular gym have? In addition to price advantage, star advantage, geographical advantage, fitness coach advantage, there is also a very important environmental advantage.

The fitness environment is mainly selected based on the size of the gym, reasonable regional function division and layout, modern decoration, ventilation conditions, maintenance of venue equipment and cleanliness. Professional gyms include aerobic fitness area, resistance resistance training area (anaerobic area), combined equipment training area, fun fitness area, exercise room, yoga room, fitness test room, men’s and women’s dressing room and shower area, member rest area Features.