Gospel for Gym PVC Sports Flooring

Not only the facilities in a good gym are good, the coaches are professional, and what kind of flooring is also very important. When exercising, the overall environment of the gym must make people feel comfortable and relaxed, and be happy in the exercise, and unknowingly forget the pain caused by weight loss; the shock absorption effect of the gym floor must be good, so as to avoid knees after exercise Pain, foot pain and other symptoms, then what kind of floor can meet everyone’s requirements?

PVC Sports Flooring Winter Maintenance Skills

Antifouling-Floors should be cleaned regularly

a. It is best to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner every day, or use a clean 90% dry mop / rag to clean the surface;

b. When it is necessary to use chemical detergents, be sure to choose a neutral detergent (you cannot use strong acid or alkali detergents, let alone use acetone, toluene and other chemicals), wash with water after washing Dry or blot the floor. It is strictly forbidden to use steel wire balls and wire brushes to clean up dirt to prevent damage to the surface of the floor;


18 Advantages of PVC Sports Flooring

Plastic flooring, also known as PVC flooring, is one of the widely used floorings. Plastic flooring has been widely used in many fields such as sports venues, home improvement and commercial buildings. The popularity of plastic flooring has a lot to do with its clear advantages. Below we will further understand the advantages of plastic flooring according to the various characteristics of plastic flooring.

Compared with ordinary ground materials, PVC sports flooring has the following eighteen advantages

PVC Sports Flooring

1. Environmental protection and renewable:
PVC flooring is currently the only renewable material among all floor decoration materials.