How to distinguish sports wooden flooring

With the popularization of sports, people’s requirements for sports venues are getting higher and higher, and sports flooring will give people different sports feelings and experiences during sports, so the choice of sports wooden flooring is very important of. Especially in indoor basketball courts, how do you choose a wooden floor?

How to distinguish sports wooden flooring

1. In terms of materials, we must choose soft and hard when buying, and the appearance looks very comfortable and the texture is very beautiful.

2. In terms of size, we try to choose the smaller deviation, such processing performance is very good.

Gym Flooring is Important

What kind of competitiveness should a popular gym have? In addition to price advantage, star advantage, geographical advantage, fitness coach advantage, there is also a very important environmental advantage.

The fitness environment is mainly selected based on the size of the gym, reasonable regional function division and layout, modern decoration, ventilation conditions, maintenance of venue equipment and cleanliness. Professional gyms include aerobic fitness area, resistance resistance training area (anaerobic area), combined equipment training area, fun fitness area, exercise room, yoga room, fitness test room, men’s and women’s dressing room and shower area, member rest area Features.

5 Advantages of Sports Flooring

The texture of the sports floor is natural and the feet feel comfortable, but everyone knows little about the other advantages of sports flooring. Today I will explain the five advantages of sports flooring.

PVC Sports Flooring

1. Wood is warm and close to nature

The choice of aesthetics and comfort of sports materials is our tireless pursuit. Wood is warm. It plays a role of human shelter in maintaining human body temperature and resisting harsh environments. Many people believe that wooden floors are afraid of water, and Moisture will arch, which is difficult to take care of, but in fact the wooden floor can absorb moisture, and it will not feel cold and cold in winter.

18 Advantages of PVC Sports Flooring

Plastic flooring, also known as PVC flooring, is one of the widely used floorings. Plastic flooring has been widely used in many fields such as sports venues, home improvement and commercial buildings. The popularity of plastic flooring has a lot to do with its clear advantages. Below we will further understand the advantages of plastic flooring according to the various characteristics of plastic flooring.

Compared with ordinary ground materials, PVC sports flooring has the following eighteen advantages

PVC Sports Flooring

1. Environmental protection and renewable:
PVC flooring is currently the only renewable material among all floor decoration materials.